FileBrowserComponent. FileChooserFlags::warnAboutOverwriting

I am removing all thing Modal from my StandAlone version in preparation to move it to a Plug In version. I am in the process of converting all of my FileChooser’s to FileBrowserComponents.

I am simply looking for verification that the FileBrowserComponent FileChooserFlags::warnAboutOverwriting does not actually do anything. E.g, the user is never notified of the fact that they will overwrite an existing file.


Edit: I mis-read your post.

The FileBrowserComponent doesn’t warn about overwriting, as the user of a FileBrowserComponent is responsible for doing the appropriate action with the selected file.

Thanks t0m.
I was just about to put some code together.
I suspected what you have said was true, but the documentation lists FilebrowserComponent::FileChooserFlags::warnAboutOverwriting as an option with the caveat (if possible). I guess if possible means it is not possible!