FileBrowserComponent TreeView getOpennessState/restoreOpennessState

I'm trying to save the FileBrowserComponent TreeView openness state but getting an assertion failure on:

juce_TreeView.cpp #1895

FileListTreeItem::getUniqueName returns an empty string for the first item.

The assertion is hit if getUniqueName is an empty string. A fileTreeComponent implements getUniqueName with getFullPathname() so the assertion is only hit if you have a file with an empty pathname. I assume you can ignore the assertion in these cases. Do you have anyway for us to reproduce this?

Hi Fabian,

Here's a link to a quick project that uses a FileBrowserComponent with FileBrowserComponent::useTreeView mode. I've set "modules to copy locally" so It should compiled right out of the box.

The app has a FileBrowserComponent with a "Save Openness State" button, press that to hit the asertion.



This should be fixed in the newest tip. Thanks for reporting this.