FileChooser crashing Logic Pro

Develop branch, something changed recently on FileChooser and it’s now crashing Logic Pro. The same code works fine in Reaper-Arm instead.
I’m using it like this:

fileChooser = std::make_unique<FileChooser> (TRANS ("Save Preset"), defaultLocation, "*");
fileChooser->launchAsync (FileBrowserComponent::saveMode |
                          FileBrowserComponent::warnAboutOverwriting |
                          [this, file](const FileChooser& fc)

I think this is the culprit: ObjC Helpers: Automatically derive appropriate signature for function · juce-framework/JUCE@81fa777 · GitHub
Or at least, if I go back just before this commit it works as it should.

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Thanks for reporting, I think I see the problem. I’ll get that fixed.


I think this should resolve the issue:


Seems to be fixed now, thanks a lot!