Filechooser dialogboxtitle

One must decide the title of the dialog window when creating a file chooser object which is fair enough. The issue for me is I can’t seem to change the dialog title after creation. It seems slightly counter-intuitive to allow two browse modes (saving and opening) but a fixed title. Am I missing something? Perhaps I should just use a juce based dialog, although I prefer to use a native one if possible.

I don’t understand the problem… You create a FileChooser object when you need one, with whatever title you want it to use… Why would you want to change it rather than just getting it right in the first place?

When I create my file chooser dialog I pass a title like ‘Save file as…’ . If I want to use the same file chooser object for opening files it will still have the "Save file as’ title. So I guess I just create a new file chooser for each task?

Yep. They’re not designed to be kept hanging around or re-used. Have a look at how I’ve used them throughout the library and examples.