FileChooser File::nonexistent with suggested file name


before re-inventing the wheel:

When using the FileChooser for browseForFileToSave with File::nonexistent from a VST plugin  JUCE or OSX proposes a decent file location. I would like to fill out the filename while keeping the proposed file location (from File::nonexistent). Is this feasable somehow, otherwise I am just going to invent my own mechanism...

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Don't know whether that's even possible with the native file chooser boxes. I think they may expect a full path. (But even if all platforms did support this, I think it'd be a messy change to implement it)

I want to add:

You have quite a few special locations to choose from, either way. Have a look at the function File::getSpecialLocation(). For example: "userDocumentsDirectory" or "userHomeDirectory" and others.