FileChooserDialogBox with a FilePreviewComponent has bugs on OSX

Like the title, if the FileChooserDialogBox's FileBrowserComponent has a FilePreviewComponent and set to openMode and canSelectFiles, make the FileChooserDialogBox showing up, then click to select or double click try to open a folder, the code will hit the jassert see below, in the source file juce_FileInputStream.cpp, line 78: 

// You should always check that a stream opened successfully before using it!
jassert (openedOk());

By this time, if you 'Continue' debugging, it'll hit 2 jasserts repeatedly many times (Line 78 and 53), after that, all normal again, just like nothing had happened...

Sorry, can't reproduce that..

It's not very helpful to just give the exact position of the assertion - the important info here is the location from which that was called.

But are you sure this isn't a bug in your own code? The juce demo's image preview test works fine for me. How would I actually reproduce what you're seeing?

Sorry about waste your time, Jules. I can imagine how annoyed my posts are... but if I could location the wrong code, I would have solved it alreay, so why would I spent so many time ask so many stupid questions? I hate myself...

JUCE-Demo used FileChooser instead of FileChooserDialogBox directly. I know this problem absolutly couldn't reproduce with FileChooser, which I always use and like it (unfortunately, Android doesn't). I'm not sure whether my code has bugs or not since this is the first time I dealing with FileChooserDialogBox, but it seems ok to me. Please check it below:

WildcardFileFilter wildcardFilter ("*.jpg;*.png", String::empty, "Image files");
ImagePreviewComponent previewComponent;

FileBrowserComponent browser (FileBrowserComponent::openMode |

FileChooserDialogBox dialogBox ("Open an image file", "Please choose...",
                                browser, false, Colours::lightgrey);

if (
    // ...

It's simple to reproduce the problem, just compile the code above on OSX and click a folder. Sorry I'm going to waste your time again...

I tried to track it. After many many assembler codes, the last line before hit the jassert is: 
input.setPosition (streamPos); in juce_ImageFileFormat.cpp. 

ImageFileFormat* ImageFileFormat::findImageFormatForStream (InputStream& input)
    const int64 streamPos = input.getPosition();

    for (ImageFileFormat** i = DefaultImageFormats::get(); *i != nullptr; ++i)
        const bool found = (*i)->canUnderstand (input);

        input.setPosition (streamPos);   // <--------- this line

        if (found)
            return *i;

    return nullptr; 

(are these info helpful? ) 

OSX 10.10.4, Xcode 6.4 (6E35b), JUCE from github few days ago.

Apologies for bringing this post back from the grave but I ran into this issue today and have pushed a fix for it to develop.


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Thanks! @ed95, you’re a honest man, you have my admires.

Thank you!