FileLogger request

just a tiny silly request… can we get an accessor for logFile…

File getLogFile() const { return logFile; } in the FileLogger class?

That way we can reveal the file to the user easily enough instead of having to tell them to route around sub directories.

I know, I know… its getting to the point where I have to send videos…(click on the little house icon and then…) :evil:

Sure, I can add that. The whole Logger class looks a bit creaky to me, actually - I wrote it an awfully long time ago and I really need to get in there are refactor it, using streams and a more modern coding style. Not something I have time to do very soon though.

Tnx… works for me though :slight_smile:

This is a stretch to put into this topic, but when using the new Value Tree and using a space in the var::identifier property name, you’ll assert(line 699 - jassert (CharacterFunctions::isLetterOrDigit (*t)
|| *t == T(’_’)
|| *t == T(’-’)
|| *t == T(’:’)))

when making an XmlElement for writing(to my log!). Perhaps a little note in the docs? Sounds like you’ve been burning the candle at both ends lately… hope it ends soon.

Ah, yes, I guess I should have put the same assertion in the var::identifier constructor and actually mentioned it somewhere… Thanks, I’ll do that.