FilenameComponent tooltip

Hi, it looks like setting a tooltip on a FilenameComponent has no effect. I had to override the setTooltip method in it, with this:

void FilenameComponent::setTooltip (const String& newTooltip)
  SettableTooltipClient::setTooltip (newTooltip);
  filenameBox->setTooltip (newTooltip);

in the same spirit than ComboBox::setTooltip.
Is it the right fix or did I miss something?

Btw, would it be too complicated to automatically look for a tooltip in the parents of the widget under focus when no tooltip was set for it? I think this is an expected behavior in most cases.

That seems very sensible to me. Maybe you just need to do a clean rebuild? Sometimes changes like that don’t seem to get re-linked properly.

Oh maybe I was not clear in my post, it works fine with the given patch, it just did not work before.

But actually I’m thinking about implementing a TooltipWindow which recursively look for the first parent Component which has a tooltip, in which case this patch would not be necessary: since the ComboBox in the FilenameComponent has a empty tooltip, it would automatically take the one of the FilenameComponent.

Ah, I see. Thanks, I’ll mod the code to add that, as it does seem like a good idea.

I did originally make it recursive, but it didn’t always work well - if a larger container component has a tip, it can pop up at the wrong time and be quite confusing. You’d need to have some heuristics that look at the sizes of the components or something, I think.