FilePreviewComponent/native FileChooser vs Windows Hi-DPI scaling

I’m trying to use a FilePreviewComponent with the native windows FileChooser and am seeing multiple kinds of scaling issues on my HiDPI monitor. It appears there is no logic present in the FileChooser to rescale the component to the proper visible size. Unfortunately there are multiple cases. A host might open a plugin in HiDPI mode or not and the native FileChooser might run in Hi-DPI mode or not and it appears all possible combinations can happen with different outcomes - depending on hosts and their level of DPI awareness. To work correctly I guess the FileChooser class would need to determine the DPI mode of the native chooser window and then adjust the FilePreviewComponent to match.

I tried to manually rescale the component before calling the Chooser, but there is no easy way to get access to the native window handle. Does anyone have a working solution for this?