FIles being saved twice when using iOS Browser for Dropbox

Hi, getting files saved twice for Dropbox - not happening for iCloud or Googledrive. thx


                FileChooser *p_fc = new FileChooser( title, temp_file, filter, true );
                p_fc->launchAsync( FileBrowserComponent::saveMode | FileBrowserComponent::canSelectFiles,
                                  [ completed_callback, temp_file ]( const FileChooser& fc ) {

I think @lukasz.k has fixed this on develop, can you re-pull and try again?

hi, just tried. same behaviour unfortunately. thx

It’s on my list. I didn’t have a chance to look into it yet.

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I looked into our code and it behaves correctly on our end. It seems like a bug in Dropbox, it keeps telling me that the file exists and it asks me whether I want to replace it or keep both, although I definitely have no file in target directory. On other attempt it indeed saved the same file twice (without asking to override etc). Then, after I changed the name of a file being saved, it stopped misbehaving. When reading customer reviews on AppStore, there are tons of reports that it is buggy, so at this point I’d blame Dropbox. I tried with 72.2.2 first, then I updated to 78.2.2 and it can still go wrong. :-1:

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ok, thx. Guess it’s something we’ll just have to live with for now and hope they address at some point.