Files dropped on dock icon

Is there any way to tell if files are dropped on the dock icon?

If not, any mac gurus know how to do it?

Doesn’t that trigger a call to JUCEApplication::anotherInstanceStarted()? (via the OpenDocEventHandler in juce_mac_Messaging.cpp)

Nope I can’t even drop the file. Maybe there is something in the plist I need to set to allow drag and drop onto the dock icon.

I finally figured this out. There was an error in my plist.

I also figured out the way to setup file associations is to “Get Info” -> “Properties” on the target. Not just edit the plist directly.

Inquiring minds want to know… (this is just the kind of thing that I can see myself madly googling for 10 hours someday)

what was the error, and how did you do the associations?