FileTreeComponent restoring state

void PresetBrowser::refresh() {

    ScopedPointer<XmlElement> x(view->getOpennessState(true));


    while (directoryList->isStillLoading()) {}

    view->restoreOpennessState(*x, true);



I'm using FileTreeComponent (view above) to look at my folder full of presets.  It's good.  Now when I delete or save a new preset I call refresh() (above).  I want to keep any expanded nodes on the tree expanded.  It generates some XML but doesn't keep the folders expanded. 


Before I trawl all over this one with a debugger, can anyone quickly see the flaw? 


thank you!!

I have same issues here.

BTW, I spent a few minutes trying to debug it but haven't got a chance to get any results due to some urgent work.

So if possible, please keep that thread updated if you'll find anything.


In case anyone is looking for the answer, you have to keep repeating the call for restoring the openness state whilst waiting for it to load the subfolders in the background.