FillType TiledImage - world 0,0 origin expected behavior?


So, as I was experimenting with using a TileImage fill to clip my waveform in a rounded rectangle, I was getting a weird offset in some of them that wasn’t making sense.

Upon step debugging and experimenting, I found out that the origin point for the tiling is based on world 0,0 instead of local 0,0.

As with the other things I’ve posted about, a work-around is not difficult, but this seemed like unexpected behavior to me as I would’ve expected the tiling to start in the component’s local coordinates.


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Hrm… no, it’s not quite what I describe above… the origin for the tiling is still weird, but I am not sure it’s based on screen space or not.

OK, I think I know what’s going on… it makes sense, although expectation could probably go either way on it - the tiling origin is component space, but I was expecting the origin to be based on the rectangle being rendered by the call to fillRoundedRectangle rather than the component. Not sure my expectation would be correct, I based it off of originally drawing the image directly with a call to drawImage, and expected it to fit the same when I filled the rectangle.

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