Find alternative rich text editor for juce

i need a rich text editor for my juce app and cannot find the right one. I am writing a kind of karaoke player and need the lyric displayed in different colours and fonts. The lyric should also be editable …

Did someone write a source code or do have you an idea in how to integrate a different library like wx widgets ? I gave me a lot of errors trying to compile it with juce …

I need it crossplatform: PC and MAC.

thanks in advance … :slight_smile:

Hi again,
I’m now into writing my own text editor like wordpad and it’s easier than i thought …
Once it’s finished I’ll come back later and show you a screenshot.

bye. :slight_smile:

Are you using juce for creating your own text editor?

yes i’m using juce.

look at this screenshot. The Editor will handle font -type, -size, -color, bold, italic, alignment. It has a scaling feature and i want to add rtf import.
At this moment it’s read only …

Very Impressive, by the way is it open source? :wink:

mmh, i don’t know at this moment.
if it’s not too hard work then maybe yes … :slight_smile:

The choice is left to you, it looks good.

If it’s free i would love to have one :smiley: .

Was this ever released. I really need a rich text editor in my Juce app. At least for Windows and Mac.