Find Latency of Processor

Hi everyone,

How do you find the latency of your processor as a whole, or processors individually? I am trying to find the latency compensation for a DryWetMixer, and I have no idea how much of it my processors induce.


Latency is something you’ll need to devise your own tracking system, as you’re only able to set the overall latency once on the processor.

So if you have multiple DSP blocks generating latency, you’ll need to sum these together to get the overall latency.

It’s possible a dry / wet mixer may take latency into consideration when mixing, but a wet / dry mixer itself wouldn’t introduce latency unless there was latency in one of the signals already, in which case it wouldn’t add more latency, it would just align the dry to have the same latency as the wet, the overall latency wouldn’t change.

Gotcha! Thank you. Do IIR filters generate latency? How about WaveShapers?