Finding the size of the container window for audio plugins

Hello folks. I’m doing some window sizing logic and I ran into an interesting situation. When you instantiate a plugin under any DAW, the plugin’s window will be contained by another window that appears as a strip above the plugin. This strip usually contains stuff like saving/loading settings, bypass and so on. I’d like to be able to find the size of that container window. I’ve been trying things in the component class and haven’t hit upon a solution. Things like ‘getTopLevelComponent’, ‘getParentHeight’ all seem to give me objects with the same basic size I’ve given to the plugin.

I know the plugin might be sandboxed in some way so that information isn’t available, but I’m trying to do a full-screen zoom and I have to be able to account for that little strip along the top. Does anyone know a dependable way to find that out?

I think you’ll have a lot of pain trying to do that - it’s possible, but would probably requires lots of host-specific hackery… Good luck!

Thanks Jules. I was afraid of that. I suspect I’ll just use a fudge factor. I meant to say a cosmological constant.