Firebase Database asynchronously sending messages to Plugin

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a MIDI plugin that allows users to select a “current scale”, and then corrects any wrong notes played on the users’ MIDI devices to fit the scale.

I would like to network this plugin to a Firebase Database. This db contains a list of “ensembles” (or chatrooms), each of which have a “current scale” key. Whenever this key’s value is updated, everyone in that ensemble changes over to the new scale.

I have this all set up with my web app, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to get the plugin to listen to my firebase db because all of firebase’s support for C++ seems to be only for IOS and Android.

Has anyone used google firebase in conjunction with a plugin?

I think each database client would need to poll Firebase to see if the value has changed. The database directly notifying the clients would require some kind of RPC, which I know Google has a framework for, but that’s a deep rabbit hole… by far the easiest way will be to make each client poll the database on a timer callback to see if the scale has changed.

You can use Firebase on desktop with the REST API’s.

And, as @benvining points out, it is probably far easier to poll for the changes.