First-chance exception with win32_FileChooser

Hello Jules !

Somewhere in my code, I’m doing the following :

FileChooser theFileChooser("Open a WAV file", File::getSpecialLocation(File::currentApplicationFile).getParentDirectory(), "*.wav", true); if ((theFileChooser.browseForFileToOpen()) && (theFileChooser.getResult().existsAsFile())) { ... }

This code is calling the function showPlatformDialog from win32_FileChooser. With Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1, in both debug mode and release mode, I got the following message in the output window when the FileDirectory window has just been opened (instruction GetOpenFileName (&of)) :

I have not been able to find out what does that mean, and if something odd which needs to be corrected is happening. Any idea ?

Your Windows config is a little messed up probably.

I’m not up on Win7 but in general RPC was used for a handful of extra file services such as System File Check, File Protection, and the network file system service whose name I’m totally blanking on.

Typically you’ll see this error if you messed around with the wrong registry settings (or some software you installed did), or you’ve been playing around with network configurations. If you did have mapped drives and now you don’t, that’d be a clue.

Take a look at your backup scheduler logs, and do a check disk. If either of these fail, or are throwing up errors in the system log then that should give you some idea where to look.

That looks like something that has been done on my computer lately, I will check what you told me, thanks a lot :wink:

I’ve seen that before, too, but I think it’s just an internal win32 thing, not worth worrying about.

OK, thanks !