First Usage Experience on Ubuntu

I would like to share my experience on Ubuntu 8.04, running in VMWare on Vista.

  1. Building
    1.a had to install ALSA headers

  2. Building the demo app
    2.a had to install OpenGL with headers

  3. Running the demo app
    3.a After expanding the window to full screen size I could not reduce the size any more
    3.b Performance sometimes sluggish
    3.c Sound did not work properly

[color=blue]The overall experience was quite good, still.[/color] I suggest to update install instructions and just require ALSA and OpenGL (with headers) as a prerequisite.
I am looking forward to do some real coding with Juce now :slight_smile:

This may be due to VMWare and my low-powered SiS graphics card…
I can hear the Ubuntu “start melody”, though.

Thanks! Of all the OSes, I mostly spend time on Windows and Mac, so I know I should test it more on linux…