[fixed] Odd OSC behaviour


Hi, I have an OSCReceiver setup and can successfully process incoming data from the local machine (e.g. demo Max patch sending to the port), but doesn’t seem to see any data from a remote connection (e.g. Lemur patch) - I can print out the incoming data in a Max patch from Lemur so I know the connection between iPad and laptop is fine…

Anything I should know about here?



Maybe you’re listening to the wrong port or connecting to the wrong URL? We never had a problem with that functionalty so I suspect it’s very likely something in your code. Did you check if you can see the incoming data with the OSC Monitor demo app? (in juce/examples)


Thanks - i’ll try that…

FYI, The IP address is correct on Lemur as I can see the results in a Max patch and the listening port is correct in the plugin as I can send data from a Max patch and see it - i.e. both hops work, just not from Lemur to the plugin for some reason

I’ll give the monitor demo app a go…


Yeah that’d be great because if you can get the data in the monitor demo app it means it’s not a JUCE bug :wink:


Hi, tried the app and all is good…

Had only overriden oscMessageReceived and not oscBundleReceived