Flexbox and other GUI goodness


I have been building webapps for some time and have found there are quite a few things available through html or javascript frameworks that would be very useful in JUCE. To that end I have been working on a few things. I thought I would ask for feedback from the community.

There is a demo and some screenshots at http://www.sunbeamsoftware.com/juce


This looks awesome, thanks very much!
Will this be available for other jucers? Do you plan to open source it or selling it by license?


Very nice, would certainly be interested in using this.


Great stuff. Also wondering if you will open source it?


Sounds very interesting !


I have sent the flexbox code to Jules to hopefully be included in JUCE.


Is any source availlable ? Thanks !


Coming soon!


An interesting resource can be Facebook “Css-Layout” lib. It mimics CSS layout engine:
“A subset of CSS (specifically flex-box) re-implemented as a stand alone project for use primarily on mobile. Used by react-native”

It seems heavily tested (https://youtu.be/7rDsRXj9-cU?t=1168) and availlable in C (, java, js).