Flipping Component - MacLike

I’m making a flipper object. you know, like in iPhone SDK e.g.

Before that, I want to be sure there is no such one in next Juce commit on the SVN.

Then, is anyone serious interested in making that with me, and Jules are you interested in adding such a component in Juce ?

I must precise that I wont use something from the Cocoa API or so second.


Haven’t got any plans for that kind of thing. Maybe I’ll do one if I eventually do an iphone port, but on a PC it seems a little pointless…

Not sure it is pointless. There is some articles about the apparition on flipping in iWork09, and the advantages token by avoiding pop up & dialog window, and by grouping on a side execution and on the other one configuration of a window.
It is not the most pointful thing, allright, ok i think i’ll make my own