FloatVectorOperations inconsistency

i just noticed addWithMultiply has an overload for

float*, float* const*, float* const*, int

but copyWithMultiply only has

float*, float* const*, float, int

it would be cool if copying from a src to a dest could also be done while multiplying the src with a buffer of gain values instead of a single gain value

isn’t that what multiply (FloatType *dest, const FloatType *src1, const FloatType *src2, CountType numValues) does?

that is what i looked for yesterday, yes. i’ll check again today if it suddenly appeared. maybe visual studio was just weird

ok i checked again. there is still no such overload for copyWithMultiply. it also can’t be found in the docs

yes because there’s already the multiply overload which gives you exactly that functionality (if I am not mistaken)

i can be a little confused sometimes, but if i overlooked something here i’d have to be seriously concerned. i really can’t find an overload where the gain values are a buffer. only ones where there is exactly one gain value applied to a src buffer, then copied into the dest buffer

I just looked up the docs (JUCE: FloatVectorOperationsBase< FloatType, CountType > Struct Template Reference) and saw that method. I haven’t actually checked it in my IDE. But I am pretty sure in one of my projects I am using that multiply method to multiply two buffers and write the result into a third one

Link to the exact method

oh i see. it is just not called copyAndMultiply. thanks for showing me this method. i’d still suggest to the juce team to add a copyAndMultiply method that just wraps that multiply-method, to make it appear more consistent with what addAndMultiply does