Font not displaying

Hey -
We have a window user of our application. The font, which we are loading with createSystemTypeface from an embedded copy of Roboto isn’t rendering for him. The boxes and lines from the app render fine. All the text is missing! We are using the JUCE OpenGL renderer…

Any bright ideas about what might cause this. I’m a bit lost as to how to proceed…


Well, is the GL renderer failing in any way? Logs would help…

I’m adding an option to turn off the GL renderer…where do we get logs from for it?

Only a couple of ways of doing this: wrapping glGetError and checking its error codes + logging them, or with OpenGL 4.3 and up you can use glDebugMessageCallback.

Thanks! Customer got back to me this morning. He’s fixed it. He had a font manager (called suitcase I think) installed - some how it was cocking up my (embedded in the app!) font. Removing it made the app work!

Okay - so I’ve got a second customer with a font not rendering, but it’s a different font this time.

It seems that embedding a font into the app isn’t the end of the story, and it’s perfectly possible for the OS (WIndows I think in both cases) to bugger things up …? Is that right?