Fonts need to be initialized on RPI?

I had a weird bug today on Raspberry Pi. The font i use in the menu bar is broken/empty. :thinking:

Whereas all is OK on macOS and Ubuntu.
It appears that it occured after removing a getTypeface()->getName() call.
I had it previously for debugging purpose only.

If i explicitly put it back again…

fontConsole_        = juce::Font (fontName, 18.0, juce::Font::plain);
fontShortcuts_      = juce::Font (fontMonospacedName, 18.0, juce::Font::plain);

fontConsoleName_    = fontConsole_.getTypeface()->getName();
fontShortcutsName_  = fontShortcuts_.getTypeface()->getName();

SPAGHETTIS_DEBUG (fontConsoleName_);
SPAGHETTIS_DEBUG (fontShortcutsName_);

…the problem is resolved.

RPI4 with Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian).