Fonts Not Appearing Correctly

I’m working on an iOS iPhone app, but no matter what font I choose, the same single font appears on the iPhone build. This is strange because I’ve built a few other iOS iPhone apps and never had this issue. Each time I picked a new font, that exact font showed up in the simulator or on iPhone, but this new app is acting as if there is only one font installed on both the iOS simulator and my actual phone that I’m testing it on. Any help would be massively appreciated, I’m really stuck here.

PS - Its called paper calculator because the GUI will be more similar to this in the end (with some tweaks of course):

The idea is to just have a grungy looking GUI.

Nevermind. turns out the 7 or 8 fonts I tried to demo were all fonts not on either the simulator or the iPhone. What are the odds that all of them would not be installed fonts? Weird.

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