For those who wish to start a business in music electronics

Do you wish to start a business in music electronics?

I share with you what I got: Plenty of ideas, lots of experience, mature concepts, running hard & software prototypes… a base from which we can develop great new products! Also, a ready-to-sell product, a Midi software product for Windows, is available–to be sold using the ‘direct marketing’ approach; made with Juce.

My name is Hugo Masias; I live in Germany. Working alone is not an option for me any longer–I am 66 already and have no access to money, seed money, human resources, etc.

If interested, as a start, please visit / review my websites (1) and (2)

These sites will give you an idea about what I did do through the years. Based on my experience, the vision for the future (future real products) is very bright! Contact information is included in the sites. Please, feel free to contact me by phone or email anytime.

Thank you very much–and be well.