Forum search on topics?

I may be alone on this issue, but i really liked it when the fast search results on the forum gave topics and not posts. i find it easier, since i can see more information packed in one page. what do you think?

It’s just the way phpBB3 does it - I don’t think it has any options I could easily change…?

this works for the advanced search defaults:
and the second half of this post works for the header search:

nothing nasty just a template change.
just implemented it in my site and it worx :smiley:

Anyone else got an opinion on this? I can’t really see the problem myself, as all the results have a link to go to either the post or the topic. But I don’t use search very much, so am happy to change it if it’s what people want…

I will second the request. We could always open the topic if we are interested.