FR: AAX abbreviated package names


Assuming I’ve not missed it, it would be very useful to have a method for adding abbreviated package names for AAX plugins. The package name is what Pro Tools uses for the name of the Preset folder. The Pro Tools plugin package name is currently set as JucePlugin_Name which in most cases is a good choice unless the package name is 16 chars or over or if the 15th char is a space.

In GetEffectDescriptions the call to collection->AddPackageName can be done multiple times in order that we can satisfy the requirement that every AAX plug-in must include at least one name variant with 16 or fewer characters for use with the presets folder name.

This is distinct from the functionality available in the getAlternateDisplayNames override which presents alternative names to the user, so I would like to propose it as a feature request.

Suppose we have 2 plugins with long names
Filtering Plug-in (17 chars)
Filtering Plug-in Pro (21 chars)

The Pro Tools package preset folder names for these are both truncated to 16 chars. Pro Tools cannot distinguish between preset folders for the two plugins. The situation can be resolved by adding an additional package name under 16 chars for Pro Tools to pick up and use, so it would be good if we could control that just like we can display names.

A more fun problem happens when the 15th char is a space:
Filter Plug-in Pro (18 chars)

As the 15th character is a space, Pro Tools truncates “Filter Plug-in Pro” to "Filter Plug-in " for the package name used to make the presets folder when the user tries to save a user preset. That’s fine on macOS, but the Windows file system doesn’t much approve of trailing spaces so removes the space when Pro Tools makes the package folder in its presets area, and then Pro Tools gets very confused about why it can’t find the version with a trailing space when it tries to save a preset. If we could control the package name we could avoid this and other problems.