FR: AudioProcessorParameterWithID (const String &valueTreePropertyID, const String &automationName

It took me a while to figure this out, sadly, via some heavy “step-into” and variable inspection.
AudioProcessorParameterWithID (const String &parameterID, const String &name,

parameterID is the name of the property it will be stored as in the ValueTree in the APVTS.

name is the name of the parameter as it will appear in the Automation Lane Editors in the DAW

could we get these variables renamed to reflect their purpose? The documentation sure didn’t help:

AudioParameterBool::AudioParameterBool ( const String& parameterID,
                                         const String & 	name,
                                         bool 	defaultValue,
                                         const String & 	label = String(),
                                         std::function< String(bool value, int maximumStringLength)> 	stringFromBool = nullptr,
                                         std::function< bool(const String &text)> 	boolFromString = nullptr 
Creates a AudioParameterBool with the specified parameters.

parameterID	The parameter ID to use
name	The parameter name to use

Obviously, the subclasses of this base class should have their parameter names reflect this change.

Little changes like this help make the classes more self-documenting and easier to use.

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It’s not necessary to use it in an aptvs, so ID is very clear to me

But yes the documentation could be more descriptive

What do you mean “ID is very clear to me”?

If you don’t use it with APVST, how do you know which one is the function parameter that provides the name that shows up in Automation Lanes in the DAW? Where does the parameterID get used?