[FR] Combined wrapper project with multiple entry points


As discussed the other night, it would be nice to have a single project for each platform that contains multiple entry points and simply needs it’s extension renamed to be any one of vst, au, or rtas.



Yes, I did remember that despite the beer, and I’m working on it right now…

One thing you might know - on the PC, my RTAS/VST is fine when I load it as an RTAS, but as a VST it throws a wobbler because it’s trying to link to DAE.dll and other PT libs… Did you say you knew a cunning hack to get around that?


maybe using delayload http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hf3f62bz.aspx (or weak linking on macos) will do the trick ?

That would be a great feature, for sure !