FR: Drag and drop copy files between projects

Hi guys, I’ve noticed it is possible to drag and drop files between Projucer-projects, great!

I wish that it was also possible to copy files between the projects instead of just moving them, by holding down alt-key or similar, and simultaneously updating the relative paths when copying / moving files between the projects.

Why? Because it would be a breeze creating new standalone-plugin projects by just drag and copy the needed files between the plugin project and the application project… Could this be possible in the future? :slight_smile:

Hmm… Copying is a little bit more complex because within a project you never want to copy items, since you don’t want the same file to appear more than once. So this would be a special function that would only work between projects. Interesting idea though.

…actually, maybe what it should do is to always copy the items if you’re dragging to another project, and only move them if you’re within a project?

Yes I think that sounds like the best approach, with a default copy behaviour when moving a file between two projects and the default move otherwise when moving files within the project.

Would that require to have both project files (source and destination) in the same folder to keep the original file paths alive and working?

Example: I have two Projucer-projects: a MyProject/Plugin/MyPlugin.jucer and a MyProject/Application/MyStandaloneApp.jucer, I wish to copy some of the files from the plugin project into the application project, but I want the “copied” files to still reference the original files in the Plugin project to avoid maintaining two sets of source files… I guess this classifies as a “make alias”-function instead of a copy function?

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

+1 for copy instead of move between different projects. This also bothers me.

I just came across this issue; I’m creating a plugin version of a standalone app, and created a new .jucer project alongside the standalone version. I wanted to drag the groups and files across, which I can do, but it then removes them from the other project. Would be nice to be able to hold Alt/Cmd to copy instead of move.

The workaround is to move the files and then close the source project without saving.

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