FR: Improvements to Live Constants

This is really a minor request, but I would like to suggest some improvements to the already very handy Live Constants:

  1. Automatically saving the values and optionally also removing “JUCE_LIVE_CONSTANT” from the code. This could be done, for example, through a “save value” button - which could in turn be inactivated as soon as changes are done to the code in order to make sure that nothing is incorrectly altered.

  2. A way to limit the range of the values. There are situations where some values are not valid or cause asserts or crashes and it can sometimes be difficult to not accidentally “hit” those values when making fine adjustments.

  3. Buttons to increase / decrease the current value by a very small amount. Fine adjustments are currently somewhat difficult since the slider “jumps” as soon as it’s clicked.

  4. Increasing / decreasing values using the keyboard (e.g. using the arrow keys, with, say, shift for finer adjustments, ctrl for coarser adjustments, etc.)

  5. A slider with a larger element to click on instead of the little round button. This would make adjusting values quite more comfortable.

  6. HSL colour pickers in addition to the current RGB ones.

100% agree about the ‘save value’ button!