[FR] isScalable() for plug-ins


So this is just a thought…

My plug-in is also a host and has a toolbar which is minimally 410 pixels wide – I found that I need to handle scalable plug-ins different to non-scalable plug-ins when placing them inside my DocumentWindow if they’re less wide than my toolbar’s minimum width.

I noticed this when I got a report from one of my testers when he inserted Cytomic’s The Glue… and it’s the only fully scalable plug-in I’ve seen.

I know we have isResizable() but The Glue returns false for that… and there’s a difference between scalable vs. resizable… for scalable I resize the editor proportionally.




You also have Mangle and Tangle that are worth checking out for a scalable JUCE UI.



Thanks Gav!



that’s a rad piece of software!


We can add Valhalla to the list




McDSP now also has a fully scalable UI. All these I believe are JUCE based plug-ins.

Any thoughts on adding this flag so a host can know if a plug-in is scalable?