FR: native iOS 11 FileChooser positioned off center


first of all thumbs up for the native iOS 11 FileChooser!

Currently the native FileChooser is created at mainDisplay.userArea. But at least on iPad, it is not completely fullscreen. There’s padding on the left and right. Overall this looks a little odd, at there’s padding for the top, left and right, but none at the bottom.

@fabian : any chance we can add a little padding to the bottom as well? Something like

    auto chooserBounds = Desktop::getInstance().getDisplays().getMainDisplay().userArea;
    setBounds (chooserBounds);

should do the trick.


PS.: And while we’re at it, please also consider this feature request: FR: iOS custom file type open handler (with patch!)

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Definitely need this…

That padding emulates the iOS default. If I browse for an attachment when composing an email in Apple’s Mail app then that’s what I see.

If you can provide a couple of examples of Apple’s apps behaving differently then I’ll change it.