FR+PR: valueToText of AudioProcessorValueTreeState::Parameter accessible via SliderAttachment (DRY)

I didn’t observe that. But probably it’s because I didn’t set the label in the parameter…
So it seems in the moment is inconsistent.
It is going further down the rabbit hole:
Should the label from the parameter be used?
What if they are defined differently?
Seems like it needs more specification…
But IMHO simply adding the label like you suggest would work for me too.

If you want to display the labels like this then the label can’t be part of the text conversion function.

ok, but right now it’s inconsistent, because the label is part of the conversion if you create your parameter like that :

createAndAddParameter ("paramID",

but it is not if you pass some conversion functions…
I’m fine with having inconsistent behaviours, but it would be cool if they could be mentioned in the doc somehow, otherwise we just loose time digging in the code