FR: Projucer JIT to run Standalone Plugin

I was always sad that I cannot run my plugin in the projucer JIT, because the Editor needs the processor to be instanciated.
So I thought it would suggest itself to run the standalone plugin target in the projucer JIT? Then you can finally use it to tweak the GUI of your plugin very easily.


I do like the suggestion a lot, but alternatively you could use mocking.

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Yes, I watched that episode already the last time, somebody posted it, but I am not sure, if I understand right.
I see it works, if I provide a default constructor, that creates a processor instance and calls the alternative constructor.
However, that looks really kludgy to me, letting it deliberately leak:

JucePlugin5testAudioProcessorEditor::JucePlugin5testAudioProcessorEditor ()
: JucePlugin5testAudioProcessorEditor (*(new JucePlugin5testAudioProcessor ()))

Or how should mocking for an AudioProcessorEditor work?