FR: Projucer should return non 0 exit code if command fails (especially --resave)

All these just return 0 no matter if they succeed or fail. :slightly_frowning_face:

        if (matchCommand ("help"))                     { showHelp();                            return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("h"))                        { showHelp();                            return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("resave"))                   { resaveProject (args, false);           return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("resave-resources"))         { resaveProject (args, true);            return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("get-version"))              { getVersion (args);                     return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("set-version"))              { setVersion (args);                     return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("bump-version"))             { bumpVersion (args);                    return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("git-tag-version"))          { gitTag (args);                         return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("buildmodule"))              { buildModules (args, false);            return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("buildallmodules"))          { buildModules (args, true);             return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("status"))                   { showStatus (args);                     return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("trim-whitespace"))          { cleanWhitespace (args, false);         return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("remove-tabs"))              { cleanWhitespace (args, true);          return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("tidy-divider-comments"))    { tidyDividerComments (args);            return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("fix-broken-include-paths")) { fixRelativeIncludePaths (args);        return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("obfuscated-string-code"))   { generateObfuscatedStringCode (args);   return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("encode-binary"))            { encodeBinary (args);                   return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("trans"))                    { scanFoldersForTranslationFiles (args); return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("trans-finish"))             { createFinishedTranslationFile (args);  return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("set-global-search-path"))   { setGlobalPath (args);                  return 0; }
        if (matchCommand ("create-project-from-pip"))  { createProjectFromPIP (args);           return 0; }

Looking into this a bit more, Projucer actually does return error codes on errors (via exceptions, doesn’t need to be handled in the above code).

However, since Projucer is a GUI application and not a command line application, it doesn’t return its return code to the shell that ran it. (On windows at least)

Projucer.exe --resave doesnotexist.juce
Could not find file: doesnotexist.jucer
echo %errorlevel%

The return code is actually 1. Any idea how to get the Projucer to set %errorlevel%. Or is this just another sign to switch to CMake?

If you’re interested in modifying the Projucer source to achieve this, you can use JUCEApplication::setApplicationReturnValue().

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It’s already doing that.

        if (isRunningCommandLine)
            auto appReturnCode = performCommandLine (ArgumentList ("Projucer", commandLine));

            if (appReturnCode != commandLineNotPerformed)
                setApplicationReturnValue (appReturnCode);

            isRunningCommandLine = false;

Ah, I see what you’re saying now. The functions that actually invoke the command operations (like resaveProject()) need to return a result so that the lambda that is passed to ConsoleApplication::invokeCatchingFailures() can return an appropriate value, rather than indiscriminately returning 0 as it currently does.

In the case of resaveProject(), it calls LoadedProject::save() which would also need to be modified to return its result.

I agree that this FR would be nice to have, at least for any of the command-line operations that involve writing to files.

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The Projucer will correctly return a non-zero error code on failure of any of the command-line commands. The issue here is Windows-specific. Because the Projucer is a GUI application, when you invoke it from cmd.exe Windows will start it running in the background with control immediately returning to the command prompt with a 0 return code to indicate that the program was started correctly. Then when the Projucer command fails, the error code is lost and errorlevel is not set.

You can get around this by using the start command to wait for the process to terminate. ie:

start /wait Projucer.exe --resave doesnotexist.juce
Could not find file: doesnotexist.jucer
echo %errorlevel%