[FR] Range <-> String, Point::fromString

I'm rather surprised this isn't already in, but would like to request Range::toString() and Range::fromString() methods, likewise for Point::fromString.

For Point, yes, good request.

For Range, not 100% sure what the format of the string would be: should it be comma-separated, or use a space, or something else?

A space would be equally easy to find as a comma, I would think. I'm not really seeing any better option.

If you want to look at it from a consistency POV:

  • Point::toString() returns something like "0, 0"
  • Rectangle::toString() returns something like "0 0 0 0"

Looks like either way works.

Is this something you're still looking at, Jules?

May do it for Point, probably not for Range..

(Easy enough to add this kind of thing with free functions though)