FR: Remove text "tap to connect/disconnect" from Android Bluetooth pairing window

On Android, on the Bluetooth pairing window, the text “tap to connect/disconnect” is displayed even if no devices have been found. This is confusing, specially since there is no text indicating that no devices were found.

A user might think that it is necessary to tap directly on “tap to connect/disconnect” to begin the search for devices, but doing so leads the window to simply close immediately. So the confused user will probably reopen the Bluetooth pairing window and try again a few times. The way the window just closes feels like a bug and could give the impression that the program is not looking for bluetooth devices. The user might not realise that the problem could lie somewhere else. For example, if trying to connect to a computer, it might be necessary to do something there first, such as going to the bluetooth configuration and clicking on “Advertise” on macOS.

Note that on iOS the Bluetooth pairing window has no “tap to connect/disconnect” text.

Also, a text indicating “no devices have been found” would probably be a good idea.