FR: Setting Visual Studio Solution Properties via Introjucer

I am using the IPP library for my projects and there is a handy tool within VS Studio that automatically sets the paths etc. It is available via dropdown:

However, the Introjucer overwrites this setting each time I am saving the project, so I have to change this everytime for every Configuration which is slightly annoying.

It stores this information in the .vcxproj file:

<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'" Label="Configuration">

(the line under the PlatformToolset).


Would it be possible to have a field in the introjucer to add custom properties like this (just like the fields for extra linker flags etc).

Ideally you could just enter something like


and it would automatically add this XML element to the project file. The perfect place for this would be under the platform selection dropdown.

This would be really awesome...



+1 for this

Always good to get suggestions like this, but don't think we have time to do this one (and don't have IPP here to test it!).. If someone could suggest a modification we'd be happy to take a look, it shouldn't take more than a few lines of code..

Alright, I'll take a shot at it...

It'd be much better if Introjucer were to write the settings for the IDE projects to a "Introjucer.props" file (for Visual Studio) and "Introjucer.xcconfig" file (for Xcode) rather than messing with the project files themselves.

It'd be much easier to maintain and to override at the user discretion where needed.

Basically, using "props" and "xcconfig" files is like using #includes, but for project settings. It has saved me tons of hours.

You can put all sort of customizations in there and reuse them in multiple projects by simply reusing the same configuration file.

And on top of that, both IDEs let you override some of those customizations where you need to.

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Alrighty, I patched the Introjucer. The diff file is in the attachment (I had to rename .diff to .txt in order to upload it).

It basically adds a combobox below the platform tools with the original options of the IPP drop down box in the VS property page.

Would be great if this found its way into the actual codebase, so I won't have to patch it everytime...



Thanks! Will take a look, though probably won't make it into the codebase before next week.