FR SystemStats::hasCaseSensitiveFileSystem()

as title, or if this exists elsewhere, can someone kindly point me to it.

Currently it seems like I need to do ifdefs for linux/mac/windows to determine whether the file system is case sensitive or not.

I just always assume it is case-sensitive, and I always program for Windows, just safer irregardless.

The ‘why’ is kind of complicated, but I can’t do that as I have to maintain worklists of files between mac/pc/linux and my co-workers seem to enjoy ensuring that file case is not well maintained between oses that care and those that don’t.

This is something that’s been nagging at the back of my mind for a long time… I’ll try to go through and try to put some kind of policy in place for it before the next release.

Is it possible to have mixed filesystems of case-sensitive and insensitive files on the same machine? What happens if you’ve got an NFS share on a linux machine? Needs a bit of investigating…