Frame like component? Similar to OSX's Mail application

Is there a framelike component? Basically I’m looking for a simple rectangular frame, with no border.

You know how in OSX applications, the title bar and the icon toolbar all seem to be in the same frame - i.e. the title bar and toolbar are the same colour with no lines separating them.

Is there anything to replicate this? I like the simplicity and flow of this style.

Also, I know I could draw a line, but a line component would be useful.


GroupComponent, maybe?

No, not quite what I need.

It may be helpful if you post a screenshot of what you’re looking for.

The easiest way to do this is probably to create your own look and feel class.

Specifically, overriding LookAndFeel::drawDocumentWindowTitleBar() will probably get you near where you want to be.


I changed the rendering for the title bar and used an image as the grey rectangle.