Freelance JUCE Plug-in Developer

I’m looking for a developer that will partner with me in developing SmackLab’s first commercial release.

SmackLabs can be found here:

My name is Matt Bochniak, and I’ve had some success with developing a few plug-ins in Flowstone. My Dbx163 inspired plug-in was just featured as one of the top 10 free plug-ins of 2019 (can be found here: ). Other plug-in models I’ve developed in Flowstone are a SSL 9K Channelstrip, Neve 1084 EQ, Rupert Neve Design EQ and Compressor. All of my plug-ins are unfortunately Windows 32-bit. With that limitation, I just post them on my site for free.

Currently I’m working on a new prototype of a rare vintage 500 series EQ that was influential in Nu-Metal. I would love to partner with a developer that can take my prototype of this EQ and develop it in JUCE. Once we have a finished product, my plan is we would commercially release this plug-in.

SmackLabs’s website has consistently maintained traffic each year. Each year I’m averaging over 20,000 views.

Thanks for taking your time in reading, and please contact me if you’re interested at

Some advice… I think you should be a bit more clear about what the terms of your arrangement would be. Are you asking for someone to work for free? Are you offering equity? Are you offering a salary?

Consider what you are offering and then evaluate whether it is the kind of deal that would appeal to someone. Because at first glance, it appears as if you have not thought through that part of it. Sounds like you want somebody who knows DSP to figure out how to translate what you created in a graphical tool, into C++, and to do it for free.

I don’t know what Flowstone is, but this sounds like a task for a rare kind of person. The kind of person who would probably be able to earn a great income for a company or as a freelancer. You have to think about how to incentivise somebody to take a chance on your project.

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Hello Dr. looking to hire. I need to build a vst instrument. Im gonna pay and i want to do some more. If you know. Please let me know. My email

a programm where you can create plugins graphically instead of purely by coding. but it does include functionality