Freelance to migrate multi-track player from Superpowered


I’m Maykon from Kovver App - we are a music streaming platform in which musicians will be able to remove musical instrument channels from the tracks at any time, and comes to solve the offer of this type of content on the market. This content, also known as play along, playback, multi-track VS’s or backing tracks (karaoke for musical instruments), will be both a study and leisure tool, and can be used in concerts and presentations, and will also generate information about amateur bands for record companies, all using your smartphone.

We are seeking freelance developers who are experienced in creating a multi-track player with JUCE for Android and iOS. We’re currently using Superpowered SDK in our app, but looking for a migration to JUCE.

A best-case scenario for us would be to hopefully establish an ongoing working relationship for more than just the migration.

If you are interested or want to learn more, please send us an email with your resume. We can send you more project details and information and set up a call to go into more depth.

Please send an email to

Thank you!


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