From VST plugin can I modify the audio meta tag?

I have a cool idea! I want to automate the process of adding metadata to audio in my VST. Instead of manually inputting metadata each time, I’d like to define it once, and have the system automatically add it to all exported audio. Is this possible? If so, any suggestions on how I can make it happen…

Seems to me that the plugin would have to read in the audio, and write it to a new file, whose metadata is more under your control. I don’t see any way a plugin can manipulate the metadata of an audio file (assuming there even is a single file behind the audio…it could be live as far as the plugin knows).

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Thanks for the information.
I thought instead of adding meta data manually using a third party software, I should add it from the plugin. Like I will add all my meta data related information, then it will be added automatically and export from that plugin. Is it technically possible that, A VST plugin can export audio from itself ?