Full–Stack Audio Plug–In & App Developer

Full–Stack Audio Plug–In & App Developer

As a full-stack audio developer at MAAT <www.maat.digital>, you will be responsible for
developing, maintaining, and supporting our professional audio software sold to users
around the world. You will be integral in almost all steps of the build–and–release pipeline,
from building prototypes, collaborating with colleagues in the initial design stages,
profiling and optimizing time–critical audio and graphical code to sending out builds to beta
testers and responding to user support requests.
You are comfortable with taking on a lot of different responsibilities and thrive under
autonomy. You are resourceful and will seek out new and better ways to tackle issues
without having to be prompted.
Writing clean, DRY-principled, reusable, optimized C++ code is a passion of yours. You keep
up-to-date with the current C++ language paradigms and standard template libraries, while
always searching for useful libraries and techniques that can save the company time and
money while strengthening the code base.

◆ Maintain the code repository, currently under git version control
◆ Develop native Intel/ARM macOS and Windows audio plug–ins and apps using
primarily the JUCE framework (64 bit AU, VST2, VST3 & AAX)
◆ Manually test products on supported DAWs
◆ Maintain and implement new automatic unit and DSP regression tests
◆ Continue to incrementally improve our UX
◆ Maintain the integration of our licensing and copy protection system
◆ Servicing e–mail support request via Zoho ticketing system

◆ Proficient object–oriented C++ skills
◆ Multi–threaded programming skills
◆ OpenGL and GLSL skills
◆ Proficient in developing in macOS and Windows environments
◆ Experience using git version control
◆ Understanding of foundational audio DSP theory and experience in implementing

DSP algorithms and using existing DSP libraries
◆ Understanding of dynamic libraries and dynamically linking
◆ Experience with music production software and DAWs (see our website for
supported workstations)
◆ Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to respond to
both the very warm and friendly users and those users and prospects who haven’t
had their coffee yet…or maybe ever
◆ Experience profiling and optimizing bottlenecks in code when needed

Bonus Points
◆ macOS shell scripting and Windows batch scripting (currently used for build/test
◆ Understanding of dynamic libraries and dynamically linking
◆ Experience building macOS and Windows installers and code-signing products
◆ AAX DSP dev experience

◆ This is a remote, work–from–home position

Pay & Benefits
◆ This is a full time, salaried 45 hour per week position
◆ Salary is negotiable and based on prior work examples
◆ 2 weeks paid vacation after 12 months
◆ 5 days — paid time off for holidays each year

About MAAT Inc.
MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of professional audio solutions, is built on the belief
that higher accuracy, exceptional fidelity, enhanced workflows and less visual fatigue are
hallmarks of better quality. MAAT is derived from “Mastering Academy Audio Tools,”
reflecting the deep connection and practical wisdom derived from years of real world
experience. MAAT’s reliance on hard science and in–depth research balanced by extensive
listening redefines audio tools for professionals worldwide.

Please DM your resume.

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