Function createPluginInstance has strange work on window


I know of several AAX plugins that can host VST plugins, such as BlueCat PatchWork and DDMF MetaPlugin


Thanks Jules,

I investigating this issue,
Could you please give me some clue to catch/know the bug ? Because the code run to post message and no message come and process any more.

I dont know if it occur on Window API, If Someone have experience on that please answer me.


I can check to reload preset those plugins.
Thanks for you infomation


Ah, maybe they relaxed the terms then. Certainly in the past it was strictly forbidden for the plugin to act as a wrapper for other formats.


I think that creating wrappers like VST2RTAS for AAX is forbidden. There was something like that announced by SugarBytes which was later cancelled/pulled because it violated the terms.


So both you mean the Pro tool was forbidden the plugin. May be i ll post this question on Avid. Thanks you.

There was something like that announced by SugarBytes which was later cancelled/pulled because it violated the terms

They also faced same as my issue ?
And their user have to accept it ?


A better plan might be to carefully read the AAX developer license that you must have signed and agreed to!


You have to talk to Avid and explain how you’ll be hosting plug-ins… You have to get their permission to do it (as we did)… but without their explicit permission it’s not allowed.




From what I can gather with Avid and my conversations with the 3rd party development office in San Jose is that, providing the host is manipulating the plugin in some way, for example our plugin Contra, cycles through and allows the user to compare different settings, etc, MSg converts and processes in Mid/Side. If it is a straight wrapper that does nothing but allows it to load into ProTools, then they will not allow it to go ahead.

As Rail mentioned above, speak to them, they’re pretty good.


HI Jules,

I forgot to tell you about another case:

When i turn Off GUI, and reload preset on ours plugin that work well.

Do you have any idea about that ?


It’s really impossible for anyone to give much help based on the kind of info you’re giving here… For example, saying that it works when you turn off the GUI isn’t something where anyone could reasonably guess what’s going on in such a complex system.


Jules, as I mentioned earlier in the post here are the scenarios that we face with this

Contra has a no 3rd party plugin hosted:

ProTools will load a saved session where the Contra GUI was open at the time of saving.

Contra has 1 or more 3rd party plugins loaded:

ProTools will crash at the building FX windows of loading a saved session, where the Contra GUI was open at the time of saving the session file.
ProTools will crash when recalling a Contra PT preset file with the Contra GUI open

If the GUI is not open at the point of save, the session loads

ProTools will load saved settings of preset file, from the track insert selector menu in ProTools, if GUI is not open


You’ve got 3 hugely complex interacting pieces of software, and something is crashing… Without even a stack trace to show whose code the crash is in, it’s really optimistic to think that even genii like ourselves could possibly know what might be going wrong in there!


Thanks you all guys,

I fixed that issue.


Hey Jimmy, mind clueing us into what solved this for you?

I’ve run into a similar problem. Basically in ProTools 12 on windows, calling Async messages from the setStateInfo function on protools instantiation doesn’t work. The listener classes never receive the message. The audio engine loads fine, but, if you have any classes which are expecting to receive an async message, it never comes and puts things in a strange place.

Bit of a head scratcher on this one, it would be a massive refactor for just an edge case in one DAW, LMK if you ever found a solution @hungj


do u still need the solution, because mine is a workaround solution