"Function definition for 'getActiveEditor' not found."

For some reason, only this method is not found when trying to override.
hasEditor and createEditor are all fine.
If I just declare it without override, I can define it, but… it doesn’t appear to be working quite right.
Why is this happening?

AudioProcessor::getActiveEditor is not declared as virtual, so it cannot be overridden. What are you trying to achieve by overriding this function? If you let us know what you’re trying to do, we may be able to suggest an alternative approach.

Yes, clearly. Thank you.
I have a plan to create multiple instances of a wrapped plug-in and use them to make the plug-in microtonal.
But now I am only trying to figure out how to get the GUI of the wrapped plug-in to be visible at all. I’d also like to add some of my own controls, so to have that “Editor” as a child of a larger one, but at this point I’ll be glad to see it at all.
The wrapped plug-in loads as an AudioPluginInstance. hasEditor and createEditor can be redirected to the wrapped counterparts, but paint doesn’t seem to be working right.
How can I incorporate the AudioProcessorEditor of a wrapped plug-in as an element on a parent AudioProcessorEditor?

You are not trying to call the paint() method of the wrapped plugin instances, right…? Since that certainly isn’t going to work.

You need to add one of the wrapped plugins editors as a component into your main plugin editor. (addAndMakeVisible)

Thanks, Xenakios.
I am now encountering the problem that, if I close the window for the plug-in and reopen it, it does not re-paint the child PluginInstance’s editor again; it opens as though it is not there.
I must simplify my code and then I’ll paste it.