Functionality of Array<t> in range based for loop

I have been trying to work out for a while now the exact functionality of this and I am afraid it still illudes me. Sometimes it seems to work fine, sometimes it only seems to see the first element and sometimes it seems to not do anything. I think it may be something like it giving me a copy rather than a reference so when I am only using the value and not changing it then it works but I thought I would ask here since I am a little confused. So for example what should this produce?


Array<int> variable;
for (auto & v : variable) {

Compared to this?

int i = 0;
Array<int> variable; 
for (const auto & v : variable) 
    i += v; 

Sorry for the slightly vague question. It's been a rather strange problem. I'm sure it is consistent it's just me doing the wrong tests.

The Array iterator is designed for reading, not modifying, and you shouldn't assume it'll give you a reference into the original list rather than a copy. But... it is implemented in such a way that it would work like that. I'd be surprised if something as simple as

Array<int> x;

for (int& i : x)

..didn't increment the elements as you'd expect it to. Perhaps in your real code you're making a copy of the array itself in the course of passing it into the for loop?


Thanks! That is how I would expect it to run. I will look closer into my code. I probably have something wierd going on in there.